Good Afternoon!

As we finish up with our first major snow/ice storm of the season, we wanted to share that our new website is up and running and we hope you will take a minute or to and check it out. We would love to hear from you on the good and what can be improved as our customers and partners.

One MAJOR new addition is that you can now browse two catalogs that will allow you to search and prepare orders you can share with the Premier team.

Under the “Industrial” tab, you will see a link at the bottom called InduServe which is our True Value site listing thousands of products many of you use today.

Under the “Janitorial” tab, you will see a link called Biggest Book, that will allow you to look-up a lot of the additional items you normally purchase for your organizations.

We are working on making this a true “store front”, but at the moment, this is a good interim step to make things easier for our customers to find/source products they need.

Please let us know how else we can assist and we greatly appreciate your business and trust of Premier Supply.